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Young Queer Pride Bundle 2024

Young Queer Pride Bundle 2024

Jenn Storey, Benjamin Roesch, C.K. Dion, E.J. Graham, TreVaughn Malik Roach-Carter

The teenage years are an age of self-discovery, growing up (sometimes when we don't want to), and coming into who we are. Young Queer Pride Bundle 2024 collects five heartwarming queer young adult novels.

Included in this bundle are:

Tilting Gravity by Jenn Storey
The moon is falling. Born with majik to save the world from certain doom, Syd should be dedicated and determined...but she instead spends her days skipping classes and tinkering with airships. But she can't ignore reality much longer.

Blowin’ My Mind Like a Summer Breeze by Benjamin Roesch
Fifteen-year-old Rainey Cobb never thought meeting someone could actually change her life. But, then again, she’s never met anyone like Juliet.

A Broke Boy in a Rich Girl’s Heart by C.K. Dion
With endless obstacles and challenges thrown in their way, will this broke boy find a permanent place in this rich girl’s heart?

Fairy War by E.J. Graham
When Clint narrowly escapes an attack on his family home, he discovers that the world is far more magical—and dangerous—than he could have possibly imagined.

The Aziza Chronicles: Awakening by TreVaughn Malik Roach-Carter
Discovering her descent from mythological African warriors called the Aziza was just the beginning of Justice Montgomery’s troubles.

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Tilting Gravity

Tilting Gravity

The Eichon Series, Book One

Jenn Storey

The moon is falling.

Born with the gravity majik needed to prevent certain doom, instead of training, seventeen-year-old Syd spends her days skipping academy classes to tinker with airships, ignoring her future as a soldier in the army of the Eichon–the goddess-gifted ruler of the planet. As expected, Syd ends up in the Director's office more often than not, and the academy has had to get creative with its "motivational methods" in hopes that Syd will begin to take her gravity majik seriously.

Luckily, she's untouchable, betrothed to the Eichon’s daughter, Adeline. Unluckily, Syd's about to learn she will be the next to take up the Eichon’s mantle.

Adeline has been groomed to follow in her mother’s footsteps since she was a child. When it’s revealed Syd, not Adeline, will become the next Eichon (not to mention do the impossible–save the world), trust begins to break as roles and identities fall apart. Then, when Adeline goes missing, Syd must choose: follow the destiny given to her or find Adeline.

All the while, the looming moon serves as an ever-present reminder of just how small–and thus how big–her problems truly are.

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