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My Only Real Friend is the Easter Bunny at the Mall

My Only Real Friend is the Easter Bunny at the Mall

Christina Bagni

When Mo’s therapist suggested she get an after-school job to help with her depression, she didn’t expect to end up as the photographer at the Easter Bunny photo set. She also didn’t expect to befriend Billy, the man in the bunny suit—an extremely tattooed ex-gangster (probably).

Mo’s therapist also didn’t lay out the risks. Like how Mo’s shoplifting habit might make things difficult with her mall cop dad. Or how the cute changing room attendant at Pandora’s Box might reveal to the world that Mo’s queer before she’s ready.

Or how it all might end with Mo getting arrested.

Well, whatever her therapist expected, Mo’s about to tell her the truth…for maybe the first time. Because after it all blows up, she’s all Mo’s got—besides her only real friend, the Easter Bunny at the mall.

My Only Real Friend is the Easter Bunny at the Mall releases on Friday April 7th

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Tilting Gravity

Tilting Gravity

The Eichon Series, Book One

Jenn Storey

The moon is falling.

Born with the gravity majik needed to prevent certain doom, instead of training, seventeen-year-old Syd spends her days skipping academy classes to tinker with airships, ignoring her future as a soldier in the army of the Eichon–the goddess-gifted ruler of the planet. As expected, Syd ends up in the Director's office more often than not, and the academy has had to get creative with its "motivational methods" in hopes that Syd will begin to take her gravity majik seriously.

Luckily, she's untouchable, betrothed to the Eichon’s daughter, Adeline. Unluckily, Syd's about to learn she will be the next to take up the Eichon’s mantle.

Adeline has been groomed to follow in her mother’s footsteps since she was a child. When it’s revealed Syd, not Adeline, will become the next Eichon (not to mention do the impossible–save the world), trust begins to break as roles and identities fall apart. Then, when Adeline goes missing, Syd must choose: follow the destiny given to her or find Adeline.

All the while, the looming moon serves as an ever-present reminder of just how small–and thus how big–her problems truly are.

Tilting Gravity publishes on April 2, 2023

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A Broke Boy in a Rich Girl’s Heart

A Broke Boy in a Rich Girl's Heart

C.K. Dion

Sallie lives a comfortable life in a wealthy resort town. Things seem to go well in her life, from her parents supporting her transition to her budding businesses making jewelry to her awesome best friend.

This comfortable life takes an unexpected detour—the good kind—when she meets fellow teen artist Cris. While the start of their friendship is awkward, he quickly becomes an important part of her life and those feelings soon grow. That chance meeting blossoms into a relationship with both teens head over heels in love.

But not everyone is happy about this.

The problem? Cris comes from the wrong part of town and Sallie’s parents have a problem with that. They’d rather see her with someone like Aidan—good looks, athletic, respectable family, great wealth—than someone like Cris.

With endless obstacles and challenges thrown in their way, will this broke boy find a permanent place in this rich girl’s heart?

A Broke Boy in a Rich Girl's Heart releases on Friday March 31st

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The Mixtape to the Real Me

The Mixtape to the Real Me

Jake Martinez

After a crazy summer of teenage drama and newfound love, Justin Ortega and Dominic Mendoza have decided to take things slower in order to really get to know each other. Both have dreamt of being with someone who truly understands them, but neither teen thought it would be this hard, especially when you have to keep your relationship a secret from the whole world.

Just when they think their lives will always be filled with sneaking around, along comes a new student who opens their eyes to some wonderful new possibilities. But the road to a bright future has some harsh realities, and not everyone is pleased to see the new couple roam the halls of Garza High. Things get especially tense for Dominic when an unwanted figure shows up wanting to see him.

Will Justin and Dominic be able to find a happy ending, or will their past and future collide in ways they never expected?

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I Know You’re Out There Somewhere

I Know You're Out There Somewhere

Joe Baumann

Kyle Filburn appears to have a picture-perfect life. He's entering his senior year, in a relationship with a great girl, on his high school's three-times-straight state championship soccer team, and an art professor from the local university has invited him to show and sell his work in his gallery.

But a chance meeting with a midfielder from a rival high school creates cracks in this picture-perfect life. Kyle develops feelings for this boy, throwing him into confusion. What does he want? And with whom? And when an anonymous patron starts buying his art, Kyle starts to wonder whether he should really be pursuing art school rather than athletics.

It becomes crystal clear that this picture-perfect life no longer reflects who Kyle is or who he wants to be...but what does that mean for Kyle?

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A.K. Adler

Luke and Aliya are just figments of each others’ dreams. Until the nightmares start, and each needs the other to be real. Fast.

Sixteen-year-old Luke wants to go unnoticed. He doesn't want a girlfriend. He doesn't want to live in his own skin. He definitely doesn't want to have panic attacks whenever he questions his gender identity.

And these problems are nothing compared to the problems he has while he's asleep. When Luke's asleep, he's someone else.

Aliya's options all look bad. Get married as everyone expects ... or acknowledge that her strange ability to walk in other people's dreams means she's a shaman. That power might gain her respect, or it might lead to her being feared and driven out of her home. Yet, how can she deny her power when it's the only thing that can save her community from danger?

Her life’s about to get a lot more complicated. Curses, epic journeys, battles with the forces of nature, nightmares that can drag you down into death. And a boy from another world who's stuck inside her head.

When Luke’s sister develops a terminal illness, his connection to the magic of Aliya’s world is her only hope. But can he come to terms with his secrets in order to claim that magic as his own?

Together, Luke and Aliya will discover that the key to both their problems lies in the same place: through their nightmares to the other side of fear.

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The Aziza Chronicles: Awakening

The Aziza Chronicles: Awakening

TreVaughn Malik Roach-Carter

Discovering her descent from mythological African warriors called the Aziza was just the beginning of Justice Montgomery’s troubles. For not only has she been chosen to be their champion against supernatural evils—a demon is on the loose seeking to manipulate her into misusing her newfound powers.

Determined to do what’s right and live up to her heritage, Justice trains and forms a band of allies, both human and supernatural. Yet the demon is determined to lead her astray, in the hope that her power might be used to enact an ancient prophecy.

Should she succeed, Justice might become one of the most legendary Aziza to ever live. But should she fail, she might resurrect a goddess of Hell, and doom the world.

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L.I.F.E. Too

L.I.F.E. Too

L.I.F.E. #2

Felyx Lawson

Rider Williams is a typical high school student. He has classes, plays guitar, and dreams of being a journalist. He’s out at school, even if it wasn’t his choice, and he’s secretly dating a boy from the basketball team. Okay, so he’s not your typical high school student.

While Rider might be out, his relationship with Cameron Walker is not. Cam loves their time together. What he feels for Rider is something he’s never felt before, but despite being head over heels for each other, both struggle to say how they truly feel.

Maybe the class trip to New York City will be the push they need to grow even closer? Or maybe not. Turns out Rider and Cam have to share their room with Octavius Spencer and Michael Myers—two of Rider’s biggest enemies. Relationships are difficult in high school, and even more so when they’re half in the closet.

Can Rider and Cam survive their senior year?

There’s still plenty of the school year left, but Rider knows L.I.F.E. is just getting started.

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Blowin’ My Mind Like a Summer Breeze

Blowin' My Mind Like a Summer Breeze

Benjamin Roesch

Fifteen-year-old Rainey Cobb never thought meeting someone could actually change her life. But, then again, she’s never met anyone like Juliet.

It’s 1995 and The Cobb Family Band, led by Rainey’s rock star parents, has arrived for a week-long gig at the Midwestern resort owned by Juliet’s family. Dazzled by Juliet’s carpe diem attitude, DIY tattoos, and passion for grunge, Rainey falls hard. And when Juliet gives Rainey a mixtape that unlocks her heart’s secret yearnings, Rainey starts seeing herself—and her vagabond, show-biz life—through new eyes.

If Rainey quits the band, her parents’ fading career might never recover. But if she doesn’t leap now, she might be stuck forever in a life she didn’t choose…and always wonder who she could have been.

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Also available as an audiobook, narrated by Nicola Fordwood! The audiobook is currently nominated for a VoiceOver award from SOVAS!

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Fairy War

Fairy War

The Fae Age #1

E.J. Graham

When Clint narrowly escapes an attack on his family home, he discovers that the world is far more magical—and dangerous—than he could have possibly imagined.

A battle rages, though it’s invisible to most. It isn’t between countries and militaries, it’s between magical creatures who inhabit Earth alongside humans. It’s been getting worse, and now threatens to destroy everyone. The only way to succeed is for fairies and humans to unite and work together. And Clint learns he's one of the few chosen humans who can lead this war.

In a world where fairy tales were banned and magical creatures are driven into hiding, uniting against an enemy seems an impossible task, even if failing to do so means the deaths of everyone everywhere.

But the impossible doesn’t daunt Clint, even as alliances form and break, secrets are revealed, trusts are broken, and lives are lost.

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