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Touchy Feely Sweet Thing

Touchy Feely Sweet Thing

Happy Lucky Everything, Book Two

Kieran Frank

Jayden has dropped his ex, Kail, but he deserved it, even if it leaves Jayden feeling lonely. His bestie, Sasha, is going out of state for college next year, creating a countdown for the end of their friendship. Ollie continues to capture Jayden's heart, but that boy isn't around much these days. Gracie, a Christian extremist with a hate-on for Jayden, just keeps making his life worse. And his mother doesn't seem to care about anything except her new boyfriend, Mitch.

Now, there’s someone new who enters Jayden's life...

Geoff is an exchange student from Germany. He's staying with Sasha and her family—and he seems to be taking Jayden's place in Sasha's life. Maybe that countdown to the end of their friendship is already over? But as Jayden forces himself to learn to like Geoff, he learns he might like him a little more than he wanted to. Jayden's heart belongs to Ollie, but Ollie's not around enough. Geoff, though...

Ollie started as Jayden's squish, then became a crush. But will he also be that special sweet thing that gives Jayden all the feels? Or will Geoff claim that space in Jayden's heart instead?

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Squishy Crushy Something

Squishy Crushy Something

Happy Lucky Everything, Book One

Kieran Frank

Jayden never expected he’d be the type to develop a squish on a boy, never mind a full-blown crush.

It started with Kail, a boy with looks and popularity and all-around awesomeness. Developing a squish on Kail might’ve been natural for Jayden, of course, as anyone could fall for that boy. But it’s now three years later, the summer before senior year, and Jayden’s squish on Kail has grown into a crush that he can no longer ignore. And this crush is leading Jayden to make decisions he knows he’ll regret later.

But Kail isn’t the only one Jayden is having squishy crushy troubles with.

He used to be friends with Ollie, but when Ollie got too deep into religion, it drove Jayden away. Now, Ollie is back and he seems much more open-minded—not to mention much more attractive—and Jayden can’t help but develop a squish. But could it turn into a crush?

Jayden is caught between two squishy crushes—the crush on the boy that he knows is toxic, and the potential crush that could make or break a friendship—and he doesn’t know what to do. The right choice could bring him happiness, but if he makes the wrong choice he could lose everything.

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