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Defeating Demons and Breaking Up With My Boyfriend

Defeating Demons and Breaking Up With My Boyfriend

Dylan James

Eli is headed out on a wilderness camping weekend with his boyfriend Brady and their best friends Keith and Stefan. For the guys, this weekend getaway is to celebrate graduating high school, but for Eli, it’s about creating wonderful final memories with Brady before he breaks up with him.

It’s not that he doesn’t love Brady, it’s that he doesn’t deserve Brady.

Brady is a young man that’s going somewhere—not just to the west coast for university—but in life. He has prospects ahead of him and the support of loving family behind him. Eli has none of those. Orphaned when he was just ten, he’s bounced from foster home to foster home and in a few weeks when he turns eighteen, he’s out on his own with no supports and no one behind him. He doesn’t want to drag down Brady with this, because it will eventually lead to the end of their relationship—so going out with good memories is the plan.

But for Eli, this plan is a weakness. Something evil has latched onto his unhappiness and his fears of rejection and isolation. When they set out on a hike to an abandoned church, it’s a trek Eli won’t return from as he is entrapped by a demon that draws on his deepest fears and brings them to life.

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Gay Love and Other Christmas Magic

Gay Love and Other Christmas Magic

Jordan and Benjamin Forever #2

Dylan James

Can Christmas magic reunite two sets of young lovers before the night is over?

It’s been six months since Benjamin finally came out and publicly declared his love for his long-time best friend Jordan. And in those six months, so much has changed. They’ve both moved out, living in the university dorms, and they’re both overloaded with homework.

Although heading home on separate flights for the holiday, they still plan to spend this Christmas—their first as a couple—together, making up for the months of limited boyfriend time. But, when the snowstorm of the century hits New York City, Benjamin is stranded at the airport, with Jordan trapped at school. Unable to get in contact with each other, this very special first Christmas seems destined to be the worst one ever.

While Jordan is devastated, believing Benjamin to have already left the state, Benjamin is determined to get back to the dorms and into the arms of his boyfriend. The perilous trek through New York City is beset with obstacles all along the way, and he worries he’ll never make it back to Jordan. Yet, a little Christmas magic, and help from a few strangers, teach Benjamin not only is the impossible within reach, but that his relationship with Jordan is the best Christmas present of all.

This very special holiday follow-up to the bestselling Gay Love and Other Fairy Tales is a heartwarming journey that uncovers the true meaning of Christmas.

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