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A Gay Polyester High School Romance 2

A Gay Polyester High School Romance 2

S.W. Ballenger

It's 1973 and fifteen-year-old Shawn Stuart is looking forward to the two best Christmas presents he could ever ask for—spending the holidays with his boyfriend and a visit from his lookalike cousin Will.

For Will, this holiday visit to Shawn’s family is a much-needed break from his work on the family farm. It’s a chance to get to know his cousin better and to just relax by the pool at Shawn’s fancy house.

But tragedy strikes and Shawn and Will go in search of a long-buried family secret that will forever change both their lives. As they get closer to the truth, they start to realize that seeking that answer will only raise new questions, questions that no one wants to answer.

As the secret unravel, Shawn’s love for his boyfriend is strengthened, but Will’s faith in love is questioned. For Will, his solace may be found in Weston, a mysterious boy who’s suffered his own tragedy.

This is a journey of love, friendship, and discovering that even in tragedy, there is hope.

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A Gay Polyester High School Romance

A Gay Polyester High School Romance

S.W. Ballenger

1973 is a time of social change. Are 15-year-old Shawn Stuart and his best friend Brad ready to accept something that goes deeper that friendship, or will they follow in the path that society expects them to?

The year is 1973. It’s the time of Watergate and the E.R.A. Social change is in the air, and for 15-year-old Shawn Stuart, that means coming to terms with feelings for his best friend, Brad.

Brad has been his best friend since preschool. The two have always been close, so it seems natural enough that, as a new term of high school begins and Brad begins questioning his sexuality, he decides to show his feelings for his best friend…by laying a kiss on him.

Shawn is a straight boy, with eyes on a girl who seems to have eyes on him too, but after the kiss with Brad, he’s not so sure of his sexuality. As the big school dance comes up, and Shawn goes steady with his girl, he wrestles with the question: how can he like girls and like guys the same way? The answer isn’t obvious in a society where such things are not talked about, even between the closest of friends.

Shawn and Brad must hide behind the veil of their secret, yet might there be a way for their future to be defined by the calling of the heart? And, in the winds of social change, can Shawn be true to himself, while also fitting into the expectations of the world?

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