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Cage of Nightingales

Cage of Nightingales

Angelio, Book One

Elizabeth Hopkinson

In a highly-structured eighteenth-century society, the city state of Angelio is known for two things: its music, and its guardian, the Archangel Michael.

At Angelio’s music school—nicknamed the Cage of Nightingales—castrato singer Carlo is headed for fame at the opera … at the price of personal freedom. Charity pupil Tammo hates the school and everyone in it, and wants to live in the woods, charming birds with his flute.

When Tammo meets Carlo, their lives change forever. With the help of the Archangel, they can grant to each other whatever their hearts desire. But staying true isn’t easy, and their choices will affect not just their futures, but that of Celestina—a young aristocrat destined to be the third person in their relationship.

Cage of Nightingales publishes on Tuesday December 5th.

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Gerald Ribbon and the Bird In His Brain

Gerald Ribbon and the Bird In His Brain

Maxwell Bauman

Gerald Ribbon has a habit of ruining his love life.

The bird in his brain gives him terrible advice, and he is stuck dealing with the consequences.

He screwed up his relationship with Jessica, who has now moved on and is seeing someone new. But the fear of damaging another friendship prevents Gerald from openly expressing his feelings for his best friend, Allen. When Allen begins to date Diana, Gerald feels himself getting left behind and tries to form a wedge between the two. Ultimately, Allen and Diana's relationship reaches a breaking point, and Gerald needs to be louder than the noisy bird in his brain and do what is right for his friend and himself.

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