Victoria Kinnaird

Almost a decade ago, eight-year-old Wesley Darlington disappeared while on a family vacation on the tropical island of Ne’ver. He was found several days later with a bump on his head and no memory of what had happened.

Fast forward ten years and Wes is now a high school senior with a gorgeous, mysterious blonde stranger following him—a young man who seems vaguely familiar, though Wes can't place him. When one night this stranger crawls through his window, he tells Wes his name is Peter and he’s come from Neverland, a part of the island of Ne'ver shrouded by magic and hidden from the human world.

Peter is desperate for Wes's help; the infamous Captain Hook wants Neverland for himself, and if Peter can't defeat him in time, all will be lost. The weight of the world rests on Wes's shoulders. Will learning to fly be the scariest challenge for him? Or will falling in love with Peter be even scarier?

Ne'ver publishes July 19th.

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