Pieces of My Life

Pieces of My Life

Chris Bedell

Kevin should be living the life of every eighteen-year-old—applying to colleges, procrastinating on homework, and hanging with friends. Instead, he’s starting senior year at a new school, still struggling to cope with the sudden and tragic death of his secret boyfriend a mere two months ago.

He just wants to go to school, do the work, and go home…and not talk to anyone. But that plan is foiled by Wesley, an arrogant, talkative jock who just won’t leave Kevin alone. It gets even worse when they’re assigned to work together on a project. And it really hits rock bottom when Kevin realizes Wesley is flirting with him.

But maybe this could be a good thing—for both of them. With Wesley being closeted, maybe Kevin can help him make peace with who he is. And if he explores this flirtation with Wesley, this might be the thing to help Kevin work through the grief that clouds his days and find the light of happiness again.

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