Twins for Life

Twins for Life

Felyx Lawson

A pair of identical twins.

One is a jock, the other a theatre geek.
One is popular, the other has a small friend group.
One is single, the other is secretly dating.
One is straight, the other is gay.

When younger, Billy and Bobby Davenport were extremely close but as they grew up they went their separate ways. Billy embraced his love for acting and Bobby dominated at basketball, but with a case of mistaken identity, their worlds are about to collide.

After someone sees one of the twins kissing a guy at a party, it quickly spreads around the school that Billy is gay since he's an actor. He’s about to set everyone straight…until his brother reluctantly comes out to him…but Bobby isn’t ready to be out to anyone else.

Bobby asks for one thing, but the request is anything but simple.

Can Billy pretend to be gay to protect his brother?

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